Online Fitness Classes Starting Soon

Wondering how you can stay fit even in lockdown and self-isolation?

I am beginning to offer interactive fitness classes where you can connect with your instructor and other participants. Myself and a few local fitness instructors are keen to work together with me to bring the community closer. We hope to offer a variety of classes at times that can be suited to what is popular, and the ever changing situations we find ourselves in. Give the below video a watch for a quick description of what I hope to bring to the community far and wide...

These classes have now started! Explore our site for more information or click the button below to find out how to begin staying fit in isolation.

By Coach Conor

Conor's mission is to improve the overall experience of sport for as many people as possible.

His efforts range from encouraging more parents to take up coaching roles for children, to learning how to improve his own coaching and passing the learning over to friends, members and followers in the most effective way possible.