How to Register and Get the Most Out of Zoom

Zoom has become all the rage recently to help people connect during lockdown. Video conferencing can be used for working from home meetings and catching up with friends, but also for taking part in virtual fitness classes too. 

Zoom allows you to easily invite friends to join the platform or add them if they’re in your contacts. Staying in touch through-out self-isolation couldn’t be easier by having everyone you know communicating in one place. Which is why I’ve created this quick video running you through how to get set up with a Zoom account and what you can get out of it.

As I mentioned above this platform is also great for delivering live video-conferenced fitness classes. These classes bring you the aspect of interacting with your fitness instructor and other participants like you would in person. Each instructor can use this video conference platform to ensure you’re performing exercises correctly and stay injury-free. 

By Coach Conor

Conor's mission is to improve the overall experience of sport for as many people as possible.

His efforts range from encouraging more parents to take up coaching roles for children, to learning how to improve his own coaching and passing the learning over to friends, members and followers in the most effective way possible.