April 10

How to Join a Fitness Class in Zoom



Downloaded Zoom for the first time? Discover the process to joining your first fitness class below.

I've put this quick video together explaining how to join one of our virtual fitness classes so you can get the most out of the live class when it's on. Zoom is a great platform for being able to interact with your instructor and other participants, the video below explains the best way you can do all this.

Remember to pre-book your class so you get the confirmation email and link to join the meeting. If you have any questions be sure to fire us a message and always keep an eye on your email for any changes.

About the author 

Coach Conor

Conor's mission is to improve the overall experience of sport for as many people as possible. His efforts range from encouraging more parents to take up coaching roles for children, to learning how to improve his own coaching and passing the learning over to friends, members and followers in the most effective way possible.

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