Why You Need Our Confident Runner Programme

Whether you're looking to run 5k, 10k or beyond you want to do it with confidence...

Confidence to know you're going to achieve the run you set out for. 

Confidence to step out the door and not just feel like but BE the runner you've wanted to, for such a long time. 

If you're reading this letter,


Then you're a woman who dedicates her entire life to her family.


And for that, I want to acknowledge you.


If you're like most mums, you've lost yourself throughout motherhood.


In an attempt to look after your family as best as you can,


You've forgotten about yourself in the process.


You've slipped into bad habits and put on anywhere between 10 to 40 kilos,


And you're looking to find your happiness again.


The vibrant woman you were before all of the chaos.


Very few people will understand what you go through daily as a mum,


Or what you've had to sacrifice.


Or how much time, effort, and energy you've given to your loved ones.


And for that, I acknowledge you.


However, right now, I want you to examine your world.


Is it what you expected it to be?


Is it what you had envisioned?


Or are you wishing you could find happiness in your life?


More happiness in yourself?

You want running to be that exercise everyone else gets to use.

You've seen them out there, while driving your car. 

They lace up and walk out the door, leaving the chaos of home behind. 

Break into your stride to run with friends or plug in to your favourite beats for a quick workout which burns calories, increases your metabolism and allows you to let go of life's stress. 



Every lesson you need to skip the trial and error phase of learning has been recorded and is ready for you. 


Instant Coach messaging can help you make the right decisions about anything regarding your next run. 


Join your team of VIP members in a private group for support from other members and mentors. 


Simply challenges will build your confidence to run without fear. 

Learning to Run and Grow Confidence can be a Life Long Struggle

Most of us have carried experiences from childhood which make life altering changes very difficult. 

It could be that your parents never saw a point in exercises or healthy eating. 

Maybe someone (or people) told you that you were too lazy to play sports or get fit. 

If this is the case then no quick fix diet or exercise plan is going to be enough to transform your life. 

The Confident Runner VIP Programme will help you unravel any damaging beliefs and replace them with an infinite weight of evidence that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. 

The strategies we teach will ensure you can stop negativity in it's tracks and turn your mindset back to that of the new identity you want for yourself. 

Get instant access to The Confident Runner VIP Programme now!

Your day-to-day life can change within hours of securing your place. 

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The Confident Runner

Learn to Run While Improving Confidence in Every Walk of Life

What our members are saying:

I can't imagine my life without running now...

I could barely run for 60 seconds before I started with Conor but thanks to his programme and guidance I can seriously consider myself a runner. 

Linda Batten  //  NHS

Learn to Run with Confidence

The Traditional Couch to 5k HURT ME!

I tried to complete the Couch to 5k mutliple times but each time I'd wind up injured. Not only phisically but mentally, my confidence plumeted because it was supposed to be suitable for all abilities BUT I COULDN'T COMPLETE IT. 

Marie Harris  //  Teacher


The traditional Couch to 5k programme was designed for it's designer, not a sedentary mum.

Most people who complete the traditional Couch to 5k have been very active in the past and simply need to break up their run with regular walks. 

Unfortunately most mums have been prioritising their children for years and the only exercise they've done regularly has been running after the kids. 


If you're a mum struggling to prioritise the time to get fit and back to a body you're proud of then it's time to do something. Not once school goes back or when you've got your first good night's sleep in months. 

Start now and the rest will come easy...

5 Pillars of the Confident Runner Programme

  1. 1
    Confidence and Self Worth are things we can improve without having to learn anything about running. We'll instantly start rebuilding your identity to ensure you make the right decisions because you'll value yourself more. 
  2. 2
    Nutrition can improve your energy and start a positive cycle of looking after yourself. You'll quickly see the benefits and this success will fuel your motivation to get out and run.
  3. 3
    Walking and Jogging success will fuel your confidence and motivation. Over the course of the programme you'll go from manageable jogs with long recovery walks through to 5k of non-stop running.  
  4. 4
    Home exercises will help your body become more supple while improving posture and increasing your metabolism. As an athlete you'll learn to see these short sessions as part of your weekly body maintenance work. 
  5. 5
    Support and Inspire fellow members with your efforts and they'll repay you fourfold. Your Facebook newsfeed will become a positive place where new friends share their wins, challenges and vision for a better life. 

Conor Graham  //  Head Coach

You can learn from the coach who's converted hundreds of mums to non-stop runners. 

Conor's experience coaching beginners one to one since 2001 has meant every obstacle has needed to be overcome at some point in time. 

Turning this experience into a bullet proof online programme has enabled Conor to help more people than ever imagined. 

Join Over 300 Happy Customers

I finally feel like the role model I want to be for my kids

No-one could fault me for the time and energy I put in to helping my children but it wasn't until I starting taking time to improve myself that I became fulfilled. 

I finally feel like the role model I want to be for my kids and the wife I want to be for my husband.

Julia Stone  //  Blogger

I've finally got my wife back! 

Julia still does a great job with our children but she's also taking the time to improve herself. She now has more energy for playing with the children and our connection is back to what it was before kids. 

Peter stone// Julia's Husband

The Best Time to Start Getting Your Life Back is Now!

Taking back your life as a runner isn't selfish. Your moods and energy for family, work and fun will go to all new levels but you've just got to commit. 

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Conor GRaham

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