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Learn to run without the burning lungs and aching legs in our new beginner’s running trial.

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You missed out!

Complete the form below if you're interested in learning to run with the guidance of a coach and support of fellow beginner runners. 

After submitting the interest form you'll be invited to talk with a friendly coach who can help you get started with learning to run.

We can help you do it right this time.

No more burning lungs and aching legs. You can learn how to enjoy running.

Lace up and go...

Do it right this time...


A better programme

Other plans are too aggressive and leave your disillusioned. Ours is more personalised and enables time to progress. 


Your private running coach

We'll connect on a free running app so I can check on your run data and coach you accordingly. 


Beginners WhatsApp Group

If you'd like to share your journey then we can add you to a group with mentors and other beginners.

Conor Graham

More and more people are learning to run when and where it suits but backed by an online coach and community of beginner runners. 

Lockdowns lead to huge improvements in our support for online members. We can teach you everything you need to know with videos and coach you more effectively with data collected on your runs. 

Freedom to run in between the busy times makes this programme more accessible to everyone.  

Conor Graham

Head Coach

Cheltenham Running Club

Get instant access to your online running coach!

With this online programme, you'll be able to run when and where you like, following the guidance from your coach.